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We Provide

  • Individual Therapy
  • Couple Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Workshops and Seminars


Our Approach to Therapy

At MindWorx Psychology & Counselling we believe in doing what matter and doing what works.

We deliver effective, high quality, reliable, and comprehensive psychological services which are individually designed to ensure they achieve your unique goals.

To do this we use an “eclectic approach” which means we draw upon a broad range of psychological theories and psychotherapies including: CBT, IPT, ACT, DBT, EFT, SFBT, and positive psychology, narrative, mindfulness, existential, psychodynamic and family therapies to tailor a specific treatment plan for you based on your life concerns and goals, personality, and preferred learning style.

After you have made an appointment with us we will provide you with a package of assessment tools to complete and bring to your first session.

In your first session we will clarify the life difficulties or problems you are seeking help for and / or the goals you wish to achieve. On the basis of this comprehensive assessment and our knowledge of a range of psychological theories we will formulate a detailed explanation of the likely causes of the difficulties you are experiencing and the factors that maintain them and provide you with a range of treatment options.

In your second session we will provide you with a report outlining this formulation and your individually designed treatment plan. After making any amendments needed to the treatment plan in collaboration with you, your remaining therapy sessions will involve implementing this treatment plan and evaluating its effectiveness in overcoming your problems and achieving your goals.